The much awaited third edition of MADRID FUSIÓN MANILA will take place on April 6, 7 and 8, 2017, at the SMX Convention Center in Manila.

The contract for the continued collaboration between the Philippine Department of Tourism, Arum and Foro de Debate in the organization of this prestigious event was signed in Manila last October 5, 2016, with the new Secretary of Tourism Her Excellency Wanda T. Teo and Undersecretary of Tourism Mr. Benito Bengzon, Jr.; the partners of Arum, Ms. Mielle Esteban and Mr. Iñigo Cañedo; and the representatives of Foro de Debate, Ms. Lourdes Plana and Ms. Ana Capel.

The theme of the third edition of MADRID FUSIÓN MANILA will be: “Towards a Sustainable Gastronomic Planet.” The first edition, in 2014, was “The Philippines and Spain: A 300 Year Gastronomic Journey “followed by “The Manila Galleon: East Meets West” in 2016.

MADRID FUSIÓN MANILA has three main components: the Gastronomy Congress; the Trade Fair (Fusión Manila International Gastronomy Expo); and the Gastronomic Festival (Flavors of the Philippines).

  • Gastronomy Congress:

During the three days of the congress, twenty of the most prestigious avant-garde chefs from all over the world will offer lectures and culinary demonstrations addressing the theme of sustainability in gourmet cuisine and related topics based on their experience and philosophies.

  • Fusión Manila International Gastronomy Expo:

This trade fair, with a growing participation of both Filipino and international exhibitors is the only fair of its kind in Asia, presenting a variety of gourmet food and beverage products as well as specialized kitchen appliances and tableware for high-end restaurants, etc.

ICEX has sent out missives to companies in Spain that would be interested in participating in the Espacio España at the exhibition.

  • Flavors of the Philippines:


This now very popular gastronomic festival will be celebrated throughout the month of April in towns and cities all over the Philippines with an abundant schedule of gastronomic and cultural events.



Chefs  2015 ,  2016 y 2017


Andoni Luis Aduriz; Paco Torreblanca; Francis Paniego; Elena Arzak; Ramón Freixa; Quique  Dacosta,  Paco Roncero, Mario Sandoval, Joan Roca, Dani García, Jordi Butron, Ricard Camarena  y  Fernando Pérez de Arellano.  Alejandra Rivas, Paco Pérez, Pedro Subijana, Rodrigo de la Calle.



Other Countries:

Yoshihiro Narisawa (Japan), Leah Cohen (USA), Virgilio Martinez (Perú), Jorge Vallejo (México), David Thompson (Thailand), Amy Besa & Romy Dorotan (Philippines and USA), Margarita Fores y Chele Gonzalez (Philippines), Alvin Levin (Hong Kong), Enrique Olvera (México), Nurdin Topham, (Philippines), Robby Goco (Philippines), Gert De Mangaeleer (Belgium), Regis Marcon (France), Julien Royer (Singapore), Magnus Ek (Sweden), Akrame Benallal (France), Simon Rogan (Great Britain), Kamila  Seidler and michelangelo Cestari ( Bolivia), Tatiane and Karia Levha (France) , Sally Camacho (USA), Jordy Navarra (Philippines).


For more information:



Iñigo Cañedo (ARUM),  

T. +34 91 577 45 82

 Pedro Flores (ICEX) 

T. +34 91 349 64 76


Lourdes Plana (FORO DE DEBATE)