Promotion of Gourmet Products within the EU, USA and Canada 2004-2006

In collaboration with the European Union (DG Agriculture) and Federations of the Food and Beverage Industry in France (ANIA), Portugal (FIPA), Italy (Federalimentare) and Spain (FIAB).

Consorcio del JamónArum designed the strategy and directed it together with the FIAB, as well as being the organisation implementing this programme for the production of European Gourmet Products in the USA and Canada throughout the years 2004, 2005 and 2006.

The following activities were performed:

  • European pavilions were grouped in sectors at trade fairs celebrated in the United States (Fancy Food Shows in New York and San Francisco) and Canada (SIAL MONTREAL) with the participation of European cooks in the USA and Canada.
  • Selection process and hiring of Public Relations and Communication Agencies.
  • Meetings for professionals in Toronto and Chicago.
  • Invitation to journalists of the sector, cooks and restaurant owners throughout the United States and Canada to visit companies in France, Portugal, Italy and Spain.
  • Marketing materials such as leaflets, press articles, catalogues and so on.