What does ARUM offer?

Strategic Consultancy and Advice

  • Advice to companies, associations and institutions.
  • Consultancy on programmes and activities concerning information, training and promotion.
  • Information on markets and sectors.
  • Diagnosis on internationalisation of companies.
  • Selection of importers and retailers.

Analysis of Export Capacity / Internationalisation

  • Market research studies, sectoral and specific reports.
  • Analysis of products, sectors and markets.
  • Studies on the export offer of sectors, associations and others.
  • Diagnosis on export capacity.

Plans, Projects, Campaigns, Promotion Activities

  • Analysis and study of the client’s needs.
  • Design and proposal of a Strategic Marketing Plan.
  • Definition of objectives, strategies and actions.
  • Planning, execution and follow-up.
  • Assessment of promotion programmes both before and after their completion.

Organisation of Promotion Activities Abroad

  • Design and organisation of:
    • Promotion events, trade fairs, presentations, and so forth.
    • Activities for gastronomic promotion, tastings, gastronomic weeks, dinners, culinary demonstrations…
  • Hiring of spaces, facilities, agencies, experts, chefs and others.
  • Design of advertising campaigns and marketing materials.
  • Arum will also present periodic reports as well as a complete final assessment of the activity undertaken.

Support and Penetration Strategies in Spain and the EU

  • New project of collaboration between various international consultants under the direction of ARUM.
  • Advice for companies, associations and organisations of non-member countries.
  • Strategic plan with defined objectives aimed at the penetration of companies in Spain and EU countries.
  • Design, planning and execution of promotion activities.
  • Market research reports and studies focusing on countries, areas, sectors and specific market segments, value chain, identification of importers and retailers.
  • Business meetings and business plans, promotions, trade fairs, events, gastronomic weeks, presentations, tastings, dinners, culinary demonstrations and many others.
  • Hiring of agencies and experts.
  • Visits for professionals to points of sale, gourmet stores and restaurants “food service”.
  • Training in the country of origin as well as in the target country.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of each activity.

Other Activities

  • Evaluation of promotion programmes of interprofessionals, organisations and promotion programmes of the European Union.
  • Specialised translations on Spanish traditional and avant-garde gastronomy and cuisine for texts, leaflets and presentations.
  • Training courses, conferences and seminars.
  • Information for businesses and organisations in the country of origin and for different target operators.